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An artistic laboratory focusing on exploring the interaction of dance and technologies, founded by Zelia ZZ TAN in 2022, based on the Internet and working on projects with a global community of collaborators.

Coming projects

TeDaChat (Exchange): monthly online dialogues with dancers, other artists and professionals

TeDaNews (Media): monthly newsletter on what’s happening in tech X dance around the World

TeDaRS (Research): theoretical investigation of topics related to dance and technology

TeDaNet (Networking): initiate an Asian network on tech X dance

TeDaABC (Education): an educational online short video series

Dance X Technology: Experience from young Asian artists
What is future dance? This was the topic of the first TeDaChat, broadcasted live on Youtube on 27th December 2022.
IMG_0490 2.JPG
FoxTail, a project of metamorphosis seeks to transmute intricate details into a staging experience, weaving imaginations that resonate in the shared fabric of humanity. With aspirations akin to nourishing roots, FoxTail aims to feed the collective spirit, fostering connections within the soil and beings of our surroundings in 2024.2-5.
螢幕截圖 2024-05-04 17.49.29.png
TechxDance Workshop  

Virtually teaching students from philosophy departments at Colby University & Danc department at Western Michigan University’s Vital Lab. Thanks to Professor Ben and Kelsey’s invitation and long-term exchange on subjects on Dance & Tech & Mind. 


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